What's New in this Release?

The following enhancements and bug fixes are included in this software release.

Note that each item includes a reference number, such as [Edge-730], which is used for internal tracking purposes.

Upgrade Path


  1.  The Device ID has been added to the IPSO topics or standard topics, to enable use of wildcards. [Edge-1189]
  2.  Additional registers have been added to Rockwell Allen-Bradley MicroLogix drivers. [Edge-1005]

Device Management

  1. LTE Modem Support was updated to prevent a duplicate APN (Access Point Name), when a custom APN is entered. [Edge-1236]

Terminal User Interface (TUI)

  1. The TUI was updated to include an option to configure a custom APN (Access Point Name) for an LTE modem. [Edge-1225]

Known Issues