What's New in this Release?

The following enhancements and bug fixes are included in this software release.

Note that each item includes a reference number, such as [Edge-730], which is used for internal tracking purposes.

General Enhancements

  1. An installer has been added to the ISO/USB image. [Edge-235]
  2. Various usability improvements have been made to the Web UI.


  1. The following drivers are now supported:
    1. Omron NJ drivers [Edge-927]
    2. Omron CJ serial driver [Edge-1038]
    3. Siemens Profibus DP driver [Edge-928]
    4. Master K80-S serial driver [Edge-937]
    5. GE Fanuc 90/30 ethernet driver [Edge-1027]
    6. GE Fanuc CMM serial driver [Edge-1037]
  2. PLC-5 controller connect/disconnect issues have been fixed and extended file registers have been added. [Edge-1029]
  3. Downloading of a CSV file now ensures that the register descriptions are downloaded. [Edge-961]
  4. A backup/restore timeout issue was fixed in this release. [Edge-1069]


  1. An issue that caused the LoopEdge controller to have performance issues when using Marketplace has been fixed in this release. [Edge-288]

Known Issues