The LoopEdge edge-level operating system seamlessly collects data from industrial devices (such as sensors and PLCs) and integrates the data into the cloud or into on-premise enterprise systems, enabling data processing at the edge.

  • The device on which LoopEdge is installed often may be referred to as the LoopEdge gateway.
  • To avoid confusion in this documentation, the term gateway is used to refer to the network gateway and the terms Industrial PC (IPC) and LoopEdge device are used interchangeably to refer to the device on which LoopEdge is installed.

Deployment details include:

Device Acquisition and Deployment

Litmus Automation offers several LoopEdge deployment options:

This network diagram illustrates where the LoopEdge device and software can be deployed. Once deployed, users can access the LoopEdge interface via a browser on the same network as LoopEdge. See LoopEdge Device Access.

  • The eth0 Ethernet interface is required for first-time bootup for DNS resolution.

LoopEdge Device Access

  1. Log in to the the LoopEdge device via a browser on the same network as the LoopEdge device using the steps listed in Log in to LoopEdge.
    1. LoopEdge can be configured for remote access. See Remote Access to LoopEdge.
    2. LoopEdge can be accessed via the LoopEdge Terminal User Interface.
  2. Explore some of the LoopEdge features: 

LoopEdge Firmware Upgrades

To upgrade the LoopEdge firmware, see the instructions on the Device Reboot & Upgrade page.