Once a device has been created for a project, several options aid in viewing device properties, collected data, and device connectivity status, as shown in the following toolbar.

The device tabs are specific to a device type. Therefore, you will be presented with only the tabs that are relevant for a selected device.

Device Toolbar

To access the device toolbar:

  1. In the navigation panel, click Project List.
  2. Select a project to update.
  3. In the navigation panel, select Device Mgmt > Devices.

  4. In the Devices list, click a device ID to view the device information and the toolbar to access additional details.


Once the device starts sending data to the server, the device parameters listed in this window (manufacturer, model number, serial number, firmware version) are updated.

From a device's INFO tab, you can create a Tag. These tags serve as a grouping mechanism, so for example, you can configure Alerts that apply to a group of similar devices.


The map shows a device's location with geopoints, for a specific time period.


Use this tab to visualize the data collected from the device. This data is available only if the data was sent in the correct JSON schema. 

Click on a column header to toggle the sort order (ascending or descending).

These are the resources that the device is sending to the server. The data needs to be sent as per the OMA specifications as shown in the schema, which can be downloaded from Settings > Credentials from the navigation panel.


View all the raw data that has been sent to the Loop server. It will show data even if it is not sent in the proper JSON format. It is a great way to debug connectivity to determine if your device is sending data to the server. If the device is not sending any data, it means there is no communication set up and if you can see the data in the Raw tab and it does not update in the Explore tab, then the JSON that the device is sending is in the wrong format.


Enable or disable LoopEdge device remote access.


Use this window to subscribe to MQTT request or response topics.

The Connected state in this MQTT tab means that your browser application connected to the LoopCloud MQTT server with your device’s configuration settings (username, password, mqtt host). This means that you have the correct device settings configured. The connection status of the physical device can be found in the Devices list (see Add and Update a Device).


Logs reflect LoopCloud activity for the device. For example, log entries show when a device was added or delete. In addition, updates to device parameters are logged with relevant details.