Frequently Asked Questions about LoopEdge:

What is LoopEdge?

How can I try LoopEdge?

How do I access LoopEdge?

What browsers does LoopEdge support?

I am new to LoopEdge, how do I get started?

I Need to Perform a Fresh Install. Can I Reuse the Same License?

How Do I Upgrade to a New Version of LoopEdge Without Doing a Fresh Install?

Can I use LoopEdge without LoopCloud?

What devices and drivers are supported?

What is the function of DataHub?

What happens when I configure a DataHub Cloud Connector?

What is the DeviceHub?

Do I need to configure both DeviceHub and DataHub or are they independent?

What is LoopFlows?

How can I push a flow to many devices?

Why doesn't the LoopFlows "export to clipboard" option copy the data to the clipboard?

What is the purpose of a Device Tag in DeviceHub?

Why is my device not connecting to LoopEdge?

Why don't I see all device attributes, such as manufacturer and model number, in the device INFO tab?

How can I remotely manage the device?

Is it possible to connect via external authentication?

Can we program a PLC using LoopEdge?

Can I SSH into the machine running LoopEdge software?

Why is LoopEdge using a lot of my networks bandwidth or data limit?