Frequently Asked Questions about LoopCloud:

How can I try LoopCloud?

Where is my registration verification email?

I tried to register as a new user on LoopCloud, but I never received the verification email. I clicked resend several times, but still haven't received an email. What does it take to get the email?

Can I use LoopCloud without LoopEdge?

Why don't I see device attributes, such as manufacturer and model number, in the device INFO tab?

What could be some reasons that my device is not connecting?

Why can I see device data in the RAW tab, but not in the EXPLORE tab?

How can I remotely manage a device?

How can I delete a Project?

How can I visualize my data?

What is the advantage of using Data Enricher?

Are messages sent from LoopEdge to LoopCloud Secure?

What is the difference between LoopCloud Alerts, Events, and Incidents?

What does the key-value feature do?

How do I file a support ticket?