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Restructure data formats and models on the fly by using a drag and drop interface with no need for an extra ETL tool in your IoT project. Security and ACL are implemented by default while saving 2G, 3G and 4G bandwidth with a marketplace of full standard data models. Loop Data Enricher is integral to aggregating and normalizing data coming from many disparate systems.

DataEnricher - End to End Demo

For full-screen viewing, click the title of the video.

Getting Started

Step 1: Navigate to Data Enricher

Data-Enricher can be synchronized from by navigating to Applications, and then clicking the synchronize button as shown:

alt text

Step 2: Projects

Data Enricher shows the list of projects as soon as you log into it. The list is the same to the list of projects you see under your company.

alt text

A new project can be created manually by clicking the NEW tab, and providing the necessary details:

alt text

Once saved you can see the list of projects on the first page. Click on the particular project you want to access.

Step 3: Dashboard

Once you enter a particular project, you can see the complete dashboard of Data Enricher. It contains the list of topics which needs to be entered by the user.

alt text

Click on NEW to enter the topic on which data is being currently published.

alt text

Click on the Start grabbing input topic icon to the right and it will fetch the current data being published to the topic entered.

alt text

Save the topic once it is defined and live data is fetched.

Step 4: Topic Builder

Click on Start topic builder icon on the top-right corner of the page, or click on the number of Steps to enter to customize the data on the fly:

alt text

Select the Template from the drop down list. Enter the output topic you want the enriched data to be published to.

NOTE The user sees the templates which are present in the My Templates tab, in the dropdown list.

alt text

You will see the current payload on the left and the standard template on the right. Drag the data points from the current payload to match the data points on the standard template on the right.

alt text

In the current example shown above, the device is sending accelerometer data on the topic demoroom/linkit/allpub. The input payload does not contain the meta data or any other details. We can connect the x,y,z values of the accelerometer to the "value x","value y","value z" of the standard template. Once connected click RUN and you can see the enriched data on the right tab. The enriched data is being published to the Output topic provided by the user demoroom/accelerometer.

alt text


The Settings tab contains the project details which are synchronized automatically from


The general tab consists of the project name and the project description. It can be edited if needed, as well as a description of up to 150 words can be added.

alt text


Broker consists of two tabs Connection and Security.

Connection consists of the server details that is the Server, Port, Client ID. The parameters are synchronized automatically and user only needs to enter it manually if they create a standalone project inside Data Enricher.

alt text

Security consists of a username and password for the connection. The user is required to enter this manually if they create a standalone project inside Data Enricher. The SSL, if used, can also be enabled and verified under the security tab. It will synchronize automatically.

alt text


Users can be added to the Data Enricher project from this tab. If there are existing users on the project one can define their role as follows: Guest: Can read only. Master: Can modify project attributes and topics. Owner: Can delete a project and assign project members.

alt text


Projects can be deleted under Settings > Delete Section.

alt text


Templates consists of two sections: My Templates and Public Templates.

The Public Templates consists of standard templates as per OMA standards. Click on the button under Action to copy it to My Templates.

alt text

The My Templates consists of the templates which are downloaded from Public templates and also the templates designed by the user. User can create their own template by clicking the NEW tab and adding the details.

alt text

The Advanced tab in the Template Edit tab can be used to define the tags of the device. Once added click save to see the templates in My templates.

alt text

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