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What's New in this Release?

Upgrade Path

  • Upgrades using the .upd file are supported from version 1.3.0 (and later) to this current 1.4.3 version.
  • It is recommended to take a LoopEdge backup before upgrading.

Integration Additions and Improvements

  1. Added Integration Connector for AWS. [Edge-1762]
  2. Enhanced reliability of the PostgreSQL Integration Connector. [Edge-1545]
  3. MongoDB connectors will now properly parse timestamp messages. [Edge-1615]
  4. Improved Database Connector performance by validating messages against the schema. [Edge-1591]
  5. Renamed certain labels on the Integration UI to enhance clarity. [Edge-1720]

Marketplace Catalog Security and Connection Reliability Enhancements

  1. Enabled Transport Layer Security (TLS) support for marketplace catalogs. [Edge-1589]
  2. Marketplace will now auto connect to LoopCloud MQTT in case of connection failure. [Edge-1710]

DeviceHub Improvements

  1. Organized PLC device drivers alphabetically to make them easier to find on DeviceHub. [Edge-1406]
  2. The tags table is now adapted to smaller resolutions. It will no longer affect the sidebar scaling. [Edge-1640]

Device Management - Custom Security Certificate Support

  1. You will now be able to successfully upload custom security certificates. [Edge-1632]
  2. Added support for .PEM and .DER file extensions for custom security certificates. [Edge-1633]
  3. Ensured that custom security certificates will install properly on LoopEdge. [Edge-1670]
  4. Device management will now tell you if a certificate was already uploaded to prevent duplicate uploads. [Edge-1634]
  5. Fixed an issue where users were unable to login to renew the license after license expiration. [Edge-1675]

UI Enhancements and Faster UI Loading Times

  1. Optimized the webui to decrease loading times. [Edge-1700]
  2. Moved the chat icon for sending messages to the Litmus Automation team to the top bar. [Edge-1648]
  3. Added the friendly name of the LoopEdge gateway to the top bar. [Edge-1683]
  4. Enabled user status display of whether or not the user is enabled or disabled in the System > Users menu. [Edge-1426]
  5. Activating the LoopEdge license will now make the trial license warning disappear immediately. [Edge-1642]
  6. Added Copy and Download buttons to offline activation keys in System > License. [Edge-1719]
  7. Solved an issue where the EULA would not open upon first login. [Edge-1711]

Cloud Connector Enhancements

  1. Ensured that loading popups will no longer hang indefinitely when entering invalid SSL certificates. [Edge-1556]

Japanese Translation Updates

  1. Translated UI labels that were missing from the Japanese translation. [Edge-1581]

OPCUA Server Enhancements

  1. Fixed an issue where users could not download the security certificate. [Edge-1406]
  2. Made Yes / No buttons uniformly arranged in all OPCUA server pages to avoid confusion. [Edge-1660]

Known Issues

  • TUI: Setting the time manually in the TUI menu does not work.
  • The Cloud Connectors for database integration feature is currently in active development and is considered experimental.
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