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Activating a device on LoopCloud enables seamless integration between the device and LoopCloud. While it is possible to manually configure the connection by manually adding a cloud connector yourself, device activation will automatically set up a Cloud Connector for you.

This page details the instructions for configuring cloud connectivity for LoopEdge-to-LoopCloud connectivity.

Configure Cloud Connectivity


  • Port 9993 udp/tcp should be open to anywhere

This procedure assumes that you already have created a LoopCloud Company and Project. Refer to the following documentation for instructions:

The following high-level diagram illustrates the basic steps required to configure a cloud connector for enabling remote access to LoopEdge. Detailed steps are listed in this procedure: Steps to Configure LoopEdge to LoopCloud Connectivity.

Steps to Configure LoopEdge to LoopCloud Connectivity

To facilitate this configuration, log in to both LoopCloud and LoopEdge so that you can copy and paste configurations to connect these platforms.

In LoopCloud

  1. Create a LoopEdge Model by selecting the MQTT plain TCP connection. See Create a Device Model.
    Note that the model's JSON schema includes a remote network parameter.

      "mqttHostName": "%MQTT_HOST%",
      "mqttTcpPort": "%MQTT_TCP_PORT%",
      "mqttUserName": "%MQTT_USERNAME%",
      "mqttPassword": "%MQTT_PASSWORD%",
      "mqttClientId": "%MQTT_CLIENT_ID%",
      "mqttReqTopicName": "%MQTT_REQ_TOPIC%",
      "mqttRespTopicName": "%MQTT_RESP_TOPIC%",
      "mqttDataTopicName": "%MQTT_DATA_TOPIC%",
      "remoteNetwork": "%REMOTE_NETWORK%"
  2. From the LoopEdge model, create a LoopEdge Device. See Add a Device from a Model.
  3. In the LoopCloud navigation panel, go to Device Mgmt > Devices to view the newly created device in the list.
  4. In the device's Action list, click Status and select Activate.


    This one-time-only code is valid for only 60 seconds. Be sure to take the following LoopEdge steps immediately, or have the window open already.
  5. In the Activation Code pop-up, click the  icon to copy the code to the clipboard.

In LoopEdge

  1. In the LoopEdge navigation panel, go to System > Device Management.
  2. Under Cloud Activation, paste the activation code that is in the clipboard and click Activate.

    A LoopEdge DataHub Cloud Connector automatically gets created, but is disabled by default.

  3. In the navigation panel, go to DataHub.

  4. In the Cloud Connector's Actions list, select Enable.
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