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Refer to these sections for details:

Supported Series

Mitsubishi Q series (Q03UDE, Q04UDEH, Q06UDEH, Q10UDEH, Q13UDEH, Q20UDEH, Q26UDEH), Mitsubishi L series(L02, L26-BT), MELSEC-Q/L protocol application to CPU of Ethernet interface or Ethernet module.


PLC Connection Settings

PLC TypeMitsubishi MELSEC-L - Binary Mode (Ethernet)
PLC InterfaceEthernet

Port #49991025 to 4999 or 5010 to 65534
Network #00~255
PLC Station #255255
ProtocolTCPTCP/UDPMC Protocol

PLC Configuration

The setup shown here is for the Mitsubishi Melsec-L(Binary) module.

Online Simulator: Yes

LoopEdge DeviceHub Configuration

To configure DeviceHub for this Mitsubishi Melsec-L PLC:

  1. DeviceHub > Add Device
    Type: Mitsubishi
    Driver: Mitsubishi Melsec-L(Binary)

  2. Enter details specific to your environment and click Add Device.

Device Addresses


Device Type




BXHHHH0 ~ 65536Input Relay
BYHHHH0 ~ 65536Output Relay
BMDDDDD0 ~ 65535Internal Relay
BSMDDDD0 ~ 2047Special Relay
BLDDDDD0 ~ 32237Latch Relay
BFDDDDD0 ~ 32237Annunciator
BVDDDDD0 ~ 32237Edge Relay
BBDDDDD0 ~ 32237Link Relay
BTSDDDDD0 ~ 25471Timer Contact
BTCDDDDD0 ~ 25471Timer Coil
BSSDDDDD0 ~ 25471Retentive Timer Contact
BSCDDDDD0 ~ 25471Retentive Timer Coil
BCSDDDDD0 ~ 25471Counter Contact
BCCDDDDD0 ~ 25471Counter Coil
BSBDDDDD0 ~ 32237Special Link Relay
BSDDDD0 ~ 8191Step Relay
BDXDDDD0 ~ 8191Direct Input
BDYDDDD0 ~ 8191Direct Output
WDDDDD0 ~ 9999Data Register
WWDDDD0 ~ 8191Link Register
WTNDDDDD0 ~ 25471Timer Current Value
WSNDDDD0 ~ 25471Retentive Timer Current Value
WCNDDDDD0 ~ 25471Counter Current Value
WSDDDDD0 ~ 2047Special Register
WRDDDD0 ~ 9999File Register
WZRDDDDDD0 ~ 999999File Register
WZDD0 ~ 20Index Register
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