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PLC Connection Settings

PLC TypeBeckhoff ADS/AMS (Ethernet)
PLC InterfaceEthernet

Port no.44898

ADS port801801, 811, 821, 831,851

PLC Configuration

Steps to connect the Beckhoff system to the LoopEdge device.
1.Connect an ethernet cable from the Beckhoff system to eth1 of LoopEdge device.
2. LoopEdge should be on the same network as Beckhoff

Below are the steps to add LoopEdge IP to the TwinCat Route
1. Right Click on Twincat system in the Taskbar and click on Edit Routes under Router

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2. You will see List of Routes which are previously added to the system. Click on Add to add a new route

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3. Add the IP details to the Route Name, AMSID, Address Info etc. as shown below

NOTE: The IP address in the image below are just shown as example and you will need to add as per your configuration.

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4.Click on Add Route button to add the route. The added route will be displayed in the list of routes.

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Once the connection is done you will need to add the route to the Twincat. Adding this connection will allow LoopEdge to communicate to the Beckhoff PLC and we will be able to collect data from it.

LoopEdge Flows Configuration

Currently, LoopEdge supports Beckhoff ADS configurations in Flows.