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  1. Set the PLC IP address.
  2. Create new tags (Controller and Program tags supported).
  3. Export tag data to a CSV file: Tools > Export > Tags and Logic Comments.
    Note: The separator in the CSV file must be a comma.
  4. Open the EasyBuilder project file, select the driver and set the IP address.
  5. Click DataType to open the Structure Editor to edit the data type of the tags and edit the data type of the ProgramTag
    Note: Instead of this manual update, the Program Tag can be directly imported if you are using EasyBuilder.
    1. To add a new data type, right-click on Structure Editor > User-Defined > New Data Type.
    2. After adding all Program Tags, click OK > Save > Exit.
  6. In System Parameter Settings, click Import Tag and select the CSV file.
  7. In the Object dialog, select PLC Tag Address.
  8. CSV will consist of PLC settings along with the Tags which can be read using LoopEdge.

LoopEdge DeviceHub Configuration