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Refer to these sections for details:

Supported Series

Supported Series: NAIS (Matsushita) FP2 series include FP2, FP2SH, and FP10SH CPU


PLC Connection Settings

PLC TypePanasonic FP (Ethernet)
PLC InterfaceEthernet

Port #8500

PLC Station #10~255

LoopEdge DeviceHub Configuration

To configure DeviceHub for this Panasonic FP PLC:

  1. DeviceHub > Add Device
    Type: Panasonic
    Driver: Panasonic FP Ethernet

  2. Enter details specific to your environment and click Add Device.

Device Addresses


Device Type




BXHHHH0 ~ 999915Input
BYHHHH0 ~ 999915Output
BRDDDDDdd0 ~ 999915Internal Relay
BLDDDDdd0 ~ 9999Link Relay
BL_BitDDDDdd0 ~ 999915
BTDDDD0 ~ 9999Timer
BCDDDD0 ~ 9999Counter
WSVDDDD0 ~ 9999Timer / Counter Set Value
WEVDDDDD0 ~ 65535Timer / Counter Elapse Value
WDTDDDDD0 ~ 262143Data Register
WLDDDDD0 ~ 8447Link Register
WWXDDDD0 ~ 9999Input
WWYDDDD0 ~ 9999Output
WWRDDDD0 ~ 9999Internal Relay
WWLDDDD0 ~ 9999Link Relay
WFLDDDDD0 ~ 99999File Register
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