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Refer to these sections for details:

Supported Series

OMRON EtherNet/IP NJ / NX1P Series PLC


Certain device drivers will not have a list of register names in the DeviceHub Add Tag form. These are Free Tag PLCs. For Free Tag requirements, see Troubleshoot Device Connectivity Status.

PLC Connection Settings

PLC TypeOmron Ethernet NJ

PLC InterfaceEthernet

Port #44818

Station #1

LoopEdge DeviceHub Configuration

To configure DeviceHub for this Omron-NJ-Ethernet PLC:

  1. DeviceHub > Add Device
    Type: Omron
    Driver: Omron-NJ-Ethernet

  2. Enter details specific to your environment and click Add Device.

Device Addresses

Data Type




0, 1

Boolean, Single-bit value

SINT-128 - 127Char, Signed 8-bit value
USINT0 - 255Byte, Unsigned 8-bit value
BYTE0 - 255Byte, 8-bit string
INT-32768 - 32767Short, Signed 16-bit value
UINT0 - 65535Word, Unsigned 16-bit value
WORD0 - 65535Word, 16-bit string
DINT-2147483648 - 2147483647Long, Signed 32-bit value
UDINT0 - 4294967295Double Word, Unsigned 32-bit value
DWORD0 - 4294967295Double Word, 32-bit string
LINT-9223372036854775808 - 9223372036854775807

Long Integer, Signed 64-bit value

ULINT0 - 18446744073709551615Long Integer, Unsigned 64-bit value

-3.402823e+38 to -1.175495e-38

1.175495e-38 to 3.402823e+38

Float, 32-bit IEEE floating point

-1.79769313486231e+308 to - 2.22507385850721e-308

2.22507385850721e-308 to 1.79769313486231e+308

Double Float, 64-bit IEEE floating point
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