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Refer to these sections for details:

Supported Series

Mitsubishi FX5U/FX5UC


PLC Connection Settings

PLC TypeMitsubishi FX5U
PLC InterfaceRS485 4w

Baud Rate192009600, 19200
Data Bits87, 8
ParityNone1None, Odd, Even
Stop Bits11, 2
PLC Station #00 ~ 15
Message pattern11,4,5
Network number00 ~ 999

PLC Configuration

Online simulator: YES

Extend address mode: NO

Communication Protocol: MC Protocol

Sum Check Code: Added

LoopEdge DeviceHub Configuration

To configure DeviceHub for this Mitsubishi FX5U PLC:

  1. DeviceHub > Add Device
    Type: Mitsubishi
    Driver: Mitsubishi FX5U Serial

  2. Enter details specific to your environment and click Add Device.

Device Addresses


Device Type




BLCSDDDD0 ~ 1023Long counter Contact
BLCCDDDD0 ~ 1023Long counter Coil
BSMDDDD0 ~ 9999Special Relay
BXOOOO0 ~ 1023Input Relay
BYOOOO0 ~ 1023Output Relay
BMDDDDD0 ~ 32767Internal Relay
BLDDDDD0 ~ 32767Latch Relay
BFDDDDD0 ~ 32767Annunciator
BBHHHH0 ~ 32767Link Relay
BTSDDDD0 ~ 1023Timer Contact
BTCDDDD0 ~ 1023Timer Coil
BSSDDDD0 ~ 1023Retentive Timer Contact
BSCDDDD0 ~ 1023Retentive Timer Coil
BCSDDDD0 ~ 1023Counter Contact
BCCDDDD0 ~ 1023Counter Coil
BSBHHHH0 ~ 32767Special Link Relay
BSDDDD0 ~ 4095Step Relay
BD_BitDDDDdd0 ~ 799915Data Register Bit
BSD_BitDDDDDdd0 ~ 1199915Special Register Bit
BR_BitDDDDDdd0 ~ 3276715File Register Bit
BSW_BitHHHHh0 ~ 3276715Special Link Register Bit
BW_BitHHHHh0 ~ 3276715Link Register Bit
WLCNDDDD0 ~ 1023Long counter Current Value
WLZD0 ~ 1Long Index Register
WSDDDDDD0 ~ 11999Special Register
WDDDDD0 ~ 7999Data Register
WRDDDDD0 ~ 32767File Register
WWHHHH0 ~ 32767Link Register
WTNDDDD0 ~ 1023Timer Current Value
WSNDDDD0 ~ 1023Retentive Timer Current Value
WCNDDDD0 ~ 1023Counter Current Value
WSWHHHH0 ~ 32767Special Link Register
WZDD0 ~ 19Index Register
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