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Before starting to configure LoopInsights visualizations, the following prerequisites must be in place.

Configure LoopCloud Components

Before using LoopInsights, basic LoopCloud components must be configured, to enable access to device data. See LoopCloud Device Management.

Configure LoopEdge Components

A LoopEdge Cloud Connector must be configured to send data to LoopCloud so that LoopInsights can render the data in charts and dashboards. See Configure LoopCloud Connectivity.

Activate LoopInsights

LoopInsights must be enabled on a project-by-project basis.

To enable LoopInsights for a project:

  1. In LoopCloud, click the grid at the top left of the window.

    A grayed-out LoopInsights application icon indicates that the product is not enabled.

  2. Select a Project from the Project List.
  3. In the LoopCloud navigation panel, go to Configuration > Apps to activate LoopInsights.

  4. Toggle the OFF switch to ON.

The current user's account is created in LoopInsights when the application is activated. From this point on, LoopInsights can be opened directly using this link:

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