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LoopInsights enables the creation of dashboards for complex IoT analytics and visualization to enable data-driven decisions. LoopInsights is bundled with the LoopCloud platform to enable users to easily process the large amount of collected IoT data that is sent to the cloud. The Loop IoT platform, with LoopInsights, brings data from the edge to the internal service provider for better real-time business intelligence and data visualization. With LoopInsights, you can define and program visualizations for key performance indicators (KPIs) and easily create complex formulas for advanced analytics.

LoopInsights provides:

  • An interface to explore and visualize datasets and to create interactive dashboards.
  • A wide array of visualizations to showcase your data.
  • Easy, code-free, user flows to drill down and slice and dice the data underlying dashboards. The dashboards and charts act as a starting point for deeper analysis.
  • A lightweight semantic layer, enabling control of how data sources are exposed to the user (by defining dimensions and metrics).
  • Fast-loading dashboards.

Time Challenged?

View short videos that illustrate LoopInsights features and configuration steps: See LoopInsights エンド・ツー・エンド and LoopInsights Chart Examples

What's in this Getting Started Guide?

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