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Frequently Asked Questions about LoopInsights:

Must I purchase an add-on license in order to get LoopInsights?

How can I determine which datasource ID to choose when adding a chart (slice)?

  • The datasource ID maps to a project. In LoopCloud, select the project to view the datasource ID embedded in the browser URL.

What is the difference between a slice and a chart?

  • The menu item, Slices, was renamed to Charts in a recent release. For backward compatibility, Slice and Chart are used interchangeably.

Do you have documentation of the types of charts that are available in LoopInsights so I can browse through them?

Can I configure alerts in LoopInsights?

  • LoopInsights does not have an alerting feature. You can configure alerts in LoopCloud to have incidents exposed to LoopInsights.

What is the difference between the time columns, event_date and time_stamp, in LoopInsights charts?

  • event_date is the date of an event, just date without time
  • time_stamp is the date and time of the event

    Using event_date for small intervals, such as last N minutes or hours can produce unexpected results.

    For example, if you create a chart and set Since to 1 minute ago and Until to Now, if you use event_date you will get the average value of the metric for the last day. If you use time_stamp for the same conditions you will get the average value of the metric for the last minute.