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What's New in this Release? 

The following enhancements and bug fixes are included in this software release. 

Note that each item includes a reference number, such as [Edge-730], which is used for internal tracking purposes.

  • What's New in this Release? 
    • New Wifi Manager
    • CVE Kernel Fix
    • Integration 
      • New Connector support for AMQP
      • Integration Improvements for MQTT
      • Azure
    • License improvements 
    • Token-based Authentication
      • Token-based APIs auth
    • DeviceHub
      • New driver additions
      • Improvements to Euromap63 
      • Browse API (ATG) included for new drivers
      • SLCAN Support
    • Marketplace 
    • UI & UX Enhancements
      • icons realignment / improvements
  • Known Issues 

New  Wifi Manager

  1. Segregated WiFi API into a separate endpoint with all features on both access points - [EDGE-1331]
  2. Implemented common WiFi features on web UI - [EDGE-1706]

CVE Kernel Fix

  1. Added latest security patches for SACK panic and other vulnerabilities described in the following page - [EDGE-2421]

Integration Additions and Improvements


It is ideal to use two connectors if publish messages limit crosses 2500 messages/sec.

  1. Generic TCP MQTT connector is missing when the activation of LoopEdge on Loop EdgeManager  - [EDGE-2299]
  2. Generic MQTT-TCP Cloud connector doesn't send messages after connection restore - [EDGE-2290]
  3. Getting error with 1000 messages/sec with multiple MQTT broker connections - [EDGE-2396]
  4. Integration Improvements for MQTT connections 
  5. Integration Improvements made for Azure connections 
  6. Added AMQP TCP and AMQP SSL Integrations - [EDGE-2397]
  7. Made username and password optional for MQTT-Generic connectors - [EDGE-2429]
  8. Added option to select topic type while importing tags into integration/CC - [EDGE-2280]

License Improvements

  1. Fix for long login issues
  2. Offline license activation takes a long time when there is no internet access - [EDGE-2373]
  3. Implemented license caching- [EDGE-2358]

Token-based Authentication

  1. Created token based authentication on the API calls - [EDGE-2321]
  2. User can create a single user token on UI 

DeviceHub Driver Additions and Improvements 

  1. Enabled browse functionality on UI for drivers like Compact Logix and Control Logix - [EDGE-2461]
  2. Added new driver for Vipa 300 Ethernet - [EDGE-2325]
  3. Added new driver for Koyo-Direct  - [EDGE-2323]
  4. Added new driver for Odva-cip-explicit - [EDGE-2324]
  5. Added new driver for rs-automation-oemax - [EDGE-2339]
  6. Enabled Mitsubishi A2N driver on UI - [EDGE-2338]
  7. A folder is added to access files transferred via FTP for drivers like Euromap63 to specify the file path - [EDGE-2469]
  8. SLCAN Support is added - [EDGE-2452]
  9. Created Service for SLCAN API - [EDGE-2464]
  10. Added support for DeviceHub agent for windows XP - [EDGE-2234]

Marketplace Enhancements

  1. Added feature for allowing users to upload docker images securely via FTP
  2. Users can run docker containers directly  - [MP-9]
    1. Example docker run hello-world
  3. Implemented SSH to the docker container - [MP21]
  4. Added features to display space utilization with "Disk Usage"
  5. Added drop-down for marketplace registry - [EDGE-2167]
  6. Allow user to upload and remove docker image locally - [MP-2]
  7. Created UI for removing volumes - [MP25]
  8. Created database migration script on launched_app table - [MP-30]
  9. Implemented search on container logs - [MP-23]
  10. Other fixes and improvements 

UI and UX Enhancements 

  1. Changed UI tab order - [EDGE-2459]
  2. Icon Realignments and Improvements are made - [EDGE2454]
  3. Font Optimization - [EDGE-2359]
  4. Reorder interfaces in network configurations - [EDGE]
  5. Add a cancel button to reset password- [EDGE-2313]
  6. DeviceHub description is missing in registers add table - [EDGE-2306]
  7. Show all password strength requirements - [EDGE-2304]
  8. Implemented UI for managing cloud backup intervals - [EDGE-2276]
  9. Fixed a few issues with authorization scope with different roles - [EDGE-2504]

Other Component Enhancements

  1. LTE modem not visible with SIM - [EDGE-2498]
  2. Made backup intervals configurable - [EDGE-2275]

Known Issues

  1. Broken links on Japanese translation for newer features 
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