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What's New in this Release?

This software release includes the following enhancements and bug fixes


What’s New in this Release?

  • Upgrade Path
  • New Feature - Dashboard
  • New Feature – Historical Data Storage
  • DataHub Update
  • Upgraded to new Licensing System
  • Switched to using Modem Manager for LTE modems
  • DeviceHub Improvements
  • More PLC Driver Support
  • Device Management Updates
  • Marketplace Improvements
  • Added Cloud Connectors
  • Terminal User Interface (TUI) Improvements
  • User Web Interface (UI) Enhancements
  • Known Issues

Upgrade Path

  • Upgrading using 1.x versions UPD files on 2.x versions can cause system to go into an unhealthy state and OS re-flashing will be required.
  • We recommend a fresh installation of 2.x versions
  • If license keys are needed, please contact Parth Desai( and Anthony Medley(
  • It is recommended to take a LoopEdge backup before upgrading to 2.x

New Feature - Dashboard

  • More descriptive landing page
  • Device Hub Overview  
  • Tags and component status

New Feature – Historical Data Storage

  • Historical timeseries database for storing time series data 

DataHub Update

  • DataHub is integrated with cloud connector in integration
  • Upon Upgrade from 1.4.x to 2.x the existing connectors will be moved to Cloud connectors.
  • Users will not be allowed to add new cloud connectors to Datahub and advised to use CC since Datahub will be depreciated in the upcoming releases.

Upgraded to new Licensing System

  • Enterprise level license management and agreement management system
  • Users can now create activate offline License by themselves.


Switched to using Modem Manager for LTE modems

  • Replaced LTE modem support with Modem Manager 1.8.2

DeviceHub Improvements

  • Device with data and isolated devices control
  • Analytics options enabled for each device to see the historic data.

More PLC Driver Support

  • Following drivers are available in GA now:
    • ELC-serial
    • Hitachi Serial
    • LS-XBM Serial
    • Mitsubishi A3A/A3N/A1SH/A2SH
    • Mitsubishi FX2N
    • Mitsubishi- Fx2N10G
    • Codesys2.3 IEC 61131-3
    • AB ControlLogix Unsolicited driver
    • Allen Bradley Flex serial driver
    • Allen Bradley Flex Ethernet
    • Fuji SPH2000 Ethernet
    • HPE CAN Raw
    • Siemens LOGO ethernet
    • JTEKT Toyopuc serial
    • Mitsubishi Q06H serial driver
    • Opto22 Ethernet
    • Panasonic FP Ethernet
    • Panasonic FP7 Ethernet
    • Siemens S7-200 Ethernet
    • Siemens S7-200 serial
    • Siemens Sinumerik Ethernet
    • Sinumerik 808D serial
    • Loopedge Simulator
    • Euromap63
    • BACnet driver
    • Beckhoff ADS Twincat-2.0


Device Management Updates

  • Added OPCUA server to backup/restore

Marketplace Improvements

  • Provision to upload images directly to LoopEdge via FTP access
  • Better UI support to add custom registry for private marketplace
  • Provision console access for running containers
  • Added support for open docker registry
  • Various bug fixes

Added Cloud Connectors

  • Added Kafka connector
  • Added Splunk connector
  • Implement bulk enable/disable feature for the integration topics.
  • Introduced bidirectional communications with cloud providers

Terminal User Interface (TUI) Improvements

  • Color change for LTE signal strength

User Web Interface (UI) Enhancements

  • New Login page
  • New dashboard view
  • New licensing page
  • Device statistics pages
  • Changes default buttons
  • Allowed BACnet to use browse tags
  • Update side navbar icons
  • Improved breadcrumbs and enabled mobile navigation
  • Improved error handling and validation
  • Added images, system info and containers pages to marketplace
  • Various other bug fixes


Known issues

  • Setting time manually does not work even though it is present in TUI menus
  • LTE modem compatibility list has been updated and some previously supported modems are no longer working


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