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What's New in this Release?

Upgrade Path

  • Upgrades using the .upd file are supported from version 1.3.0 (and later) to this current 1.4.2 version.
  • It is recommended to take a LoopEdge backup before upgrading.

DeviceHub Improvements

  1. The DeviceHub tags page will now display the proper amount of pages for the number of tags added. [Edge-1562]

Marketplace Improvements

  1. You can now launch applications in offline mode if they were downloaded previously. [EDGE-1578]

Increased OMA Instance ID Limit

  1. You can now have OMA Instance IDs up to 2,147,483,647. [EDGE-1604]

OPC UA Server Improvements

  1. Fixed issue where clients could not read boolean values from certain drivers. [EDGE-1610]

UI Improvements

  1. Refreshing pages under System > Info will keep the browser on the same page instead of redirecting to the license page. [EDGE-1626]

Known Issues

  • TUI: Setting the time manually in the TUI menu does not work.
  • The Cloud Connectors for database integration feature is currently in active development and is considered experimental.
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