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What's New in this Release?

New Feature - OPC UA Server

  1. Added OPC UA configuration for registers and devices. You can now import devices and registers for OPC UA configuration. [Edge-1207]
  2. Created an OPC UA server icon in the navigation panel. [Edge-1290]
  3. Enabled security and encryption features for OPC UA. [Edge-1285]

New Feature - Remote Network Storage

  1. Added a new tab under device management for managing network drives. [Edge-1381]
  2. Remote storage will remount when rebooting or if connections go down. [Edge-1380]
  3. LoopEdge supports CIFS filesystems for remote storage. Support for NFS filesystems is on the way. [Edge-1379]

New Feature - Device Configuration Templates

  1. It is now possible to create backups of individually selected device configurations through the System > Backup/Restore tab. [Edge-1235]
  2. LoopEdge allows you to download template JSON so you can restore them later. [Edge-1280]
  3. Templates can include backups of flows from LoopFlows. [Edge-1234]

New Feature - Database Integration

  1. You can now create topics that connect to Databases through the Integration tab. Added connectors for MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, and MongoDB. [Edge-1416]

New Japanese Translation

  1. Added an option to the top bar for switching to a Japanese WebUI. [Edge-1382]

New LTE Modem Support

  1. Added support for Sierra HL7588 to the list of supported LTE modems. [Edge-1170]

  2. For additional modem and carrier support, please contact a Litmus Automation representative

Added Cloud Connector Persistence

  1. LoopEdge will now save messages in persistent storage when the connection is down. Messages will resend when the connection is restored. [Edge-1244]
  2. Backups will now include cloud connectors. [Edge-1148]
  3. Cloud Connectors will now stay visible when refreshing the Connectors page or when clicking on another page. [Edge-1266]
  4. Cloud Connectors will now immediately update from connecting status to online status without a page refresh. [Edge-1456]

More PLC Device Driver Support

  1. Mitsubishi Melsec Q [Edge-926]
  2. Mitsubishi FX3U Serial [Edge-1028]
  3. Mitsubishi FX2N [Edge-1374]
  4. Mitsubishi Q02 / 02H Serial [Edge-1283]
  5. Allen Bradley DF1 [Edge-1039]
  6. GE SNPX serial [Edge-1257]
  7. Delta SVP [Edge-1282]
  8. Fanuc CNC Ethernet [Edge-1320]
  9. Sick Flexi [Edge-1362]
  10. Omron-HostLink [Edge-1373]

DeviceHub Improvements

  1. Added description tag to RAW topic payloads (E.g. "description":"value"). [Edge-1268]
  2. Bulk uploading tags with CSV now supports UTF-8 encoding. [Edge-1497]

Device Management Updates - Added DTLS Support

  1. Added support for Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) protocol when using the LWM2M protocol. [Edge-1269]
  2. Removing a network configuration from the UI will now properly delete the configuration from LoopEdge. [Edge-1253]
  3. Improved device reboot reliability. [Edge-1395]
  4. Device info will now properly preserve upper and lowercase characters. [Edge-1279]

LDAP/AD Authentication Overhaul

  1. Overhauled LDAP authentication page design. [EDGE-1293]
  2. Added new connection, user, and group settings to the LDAP/AD Auth UI. [EDGE-1293]

Marketplace Improvements

  1. Created new options for restarting applications on reboot. [EDGE-1427]
  2. The Marketplace UI will now load properly in offline mode. [EDGE-1509]

Terminal User Interface (TUI) Improvements

  1. Added a menu option for selecting a keyboard layout. [Edge-1137]
    1. The TUI will set the keyboard layout to standard by default. [Edge-1295]
  2. Added the image version to the TUI. [Edge-1250]
  3. Added LTE modem configuration to the TUI. [Edge-1249]

User Web Interface (UI) Enhancements

  1. Enhanced the overall look and feel of the WebUI icons, buttons, and layout. [Edge-1370]
  2. The UI will now display service status for Cloud Connectors and Flows. [Edge-1258]
  3. Now the UI will show Register statuses. [Edge-989]
  4. Removed unnecessary white spaces on the sides of all pages. [Edge-1149]
  5. The Edit Device dialog will now list devices in alphabetical order. [Edge-1150]
  6. Disabled the Accept button on EULA until users scroll all the way down. [Edge-1180]
  7. Moved licensing alert popup to be a top bar notification instead. [Edge-1288]

Upgrade Information

The current version of LoopEdge must be 1.3.0 or greater to update to LoopEdge 1.4.0. For versions before 1.3.0, perform a fresh install to upgrade to 1.4.0.

Known Issues

  • TUI: Setting the time manually in the TUI menu does not work.
  • The Cloud connectors feature is currently in active development and considered experimental.
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