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These release notes include fixes and enhancements incorporated since the last software release.

Note that each item includes a reference number, such as [Edge-730], which is used for internal tracking purposes.

What's New in this Release?

The following enhancements and bug fixes are included in this software release.

General Enhancements

  1. Added a timezone search field and added the ability to set the timezone. [Edge-837, Edge-595]
  2. Hostnames, in addition to IP addresses, are displayed in the UI. [Edge-730]
  3. Memory and storage data is represented with new charts. [Edge-818]
  4. Configurable host setting (Hostname, DNS, NTP, Timezone). [Edge-788, Edge-789, Edge-798]
  5. Firmware version info is reported correctly. [Edge-804, Edge-799]
  6. Fixed an issue where the IP address was not always correct after a firmware upgrade. [Edge-805, Edge-802]
  7. Fixed cloud activation and refresh issues. [Edge-806, Edge-832]
  8. Improvements have been made to the networking stack. [Edge-778]
  9. UI prevents duplicate device names. [Edge-793]

  10. Improved display on the network configuration page. [Edge-862]
  11. The end-user license agreement (EULA) requires acceptance for first-time logins. [Edge-899, Edge-895, Edge-911, Edge-938, Edge-896]
  12. The Intercom feature for contacting support has been enhanced. [Edge-892]
  13. The Remote Access page now includes a Copy option. [Edge-919]
  14. UI forms are submitted when the Enter key is pressed. [Edge-925]
  15. Default topics are no longer listed in the Stats page. [Edge-920]
  16. Certificate install issues have been resolved. [Edge-869, Edge-845]
  17. User roles can now be changed and a user with an observer/developer role can no longer see the add/remove options. [Edge-842, Edge-883]
  18. Device cards displayed in the Firefox browser now render correctly. [Edge-901]
  19. Device status display issues were fixed. [Edge-856]
  20. Tooltips have been added to many of the UI main elements, enabling quick access to help. [Edge-753]
  21. DataHub system connectors are not included in backup/restore. [Edge-959]
  22. Decreased the time it takes to initially load the application in the browser. [Edge-968]
  23. The Device Management page now displays the activation status. [Edge-960]
  24. Hostinfo and net info data is polled to ensure updated information is displayed. [Edge-874]
  25. Data type conversion has been implemented for registers. The UI takes decimal input and converts it to the relevant octal or hexadecimal format. [Edge-957]
  26. ID columns in various screens were removed because the IDs are relevant only for internal processing. [Edge-974]
  27. When DataHub raw subscription is successfully updated, the status is correctly displayed. [Edge-951]

DeviceHub and DataHub

  1. Export DeviceHub tags as a CSV file. [Edge-661]
  2. CSV format is displayed in DeviceHub. [Edge-768]
  3. PollOnce topic added to the DeviceHub tag action list. [Edge-798]
  4. Backup/Restore now includes DeviceHub and sensonodegold. [Edge-761, Edge-820, Edge-30]
  5. DeviceHub drivers fix: added Rockwell driver dependencies. [Edge-782]
  6. Driver name is included in the device card, along with the ability to copy it. [Edge-767]
  7. DeviceHub device cards now display long text strings correctly. [Edge-814]
  8. Fixed an issue where the raw topic could not be copied from the DeviceHub Tags page. [Edge-831]
  9. Support for additional drivers in DeviceHub: Mellanox drivers for 10GB ethernet included. [Edge-825]
  10. For OMA binding, changed the instance ID type to string. [Edge-766]
  11. DataHub improvements prevent duplicate connections with the same client ID. [Edge-796]
  12. DataHub UI improvements handle smaller screen resolutions. [Edge-428]
  13. DataHub prevents creation of raw topics with duplicate names. [Edge-797]
  14. DeviceHub data type case sensitivity is reconciled in the CSV file for bulk-loading tags. [Edge-908]
  15. DeviceHub display paging has been improved. [Edge-847]
  16. DeviceHub no longer starts polling when there are no devices. [Edge-861]
  17. When adding a Device, the device name is mandatory.  [Edge-836]
  18. DataHub cloud connector deletion no longer waits for the poll status to finish. [Edge-849]
  19. DataHub raw topics for a cloud connector can now be deleted. [Edge-853]
  20. Hostinfo now returns the IPv6 gateway address. [Edge-890]
  21. Prior to this release, a device could fail after running for several minutes. This feature has been stabilized. [Edge-942]
  22. A device can now be deactivated once it has been activated in LoopCloud. [Edge-909]
  23. Time warning messages no longer overlap each other. [Edge-860]
  24. Driver performance has been improved. [Edge-792]
  25. DeviceHub Tags page now includes a Download Tags action. [Edge-921]
  26. DeviceHub Tags actions had minor text improvements.  [Edge-900]
  27. Improved spacing has been added to the Tags page. [Edge-859]
  28. Performance for a large number of tags (10k+) has been improved. [Edge-848]
  29. Bulk-loading of tags can now handle a CSV with more than 20k tags. [Edge-967]


  1. Application uninstall has additional confirmation checks. [Edge-816]
  2. Registry tag-loading issues have been resolved. [Edge-922]


  1. Software update lists only relevant files. [Edge-801]
  2. Software updates remove relevant files after a successful upgrade, to reclaim space. [Edge-821]
  3. Improvements have been made to the Backup/Restore feature. [Edge-907, Edge-893, Edge-855]
  4. Enabled support for additional devices in the kernel (USB-to-serial, HIDRAW). [Edge-913]
  5. Serial cables are detected as expected. [Edge-890]
  6. Hostname is set on first boot. [Edge-889]

Terminal User Interface (TUI)

A new version of the TUI includes the following enhancements:

  1. The terminal user interface (TUI) now works over a serial line. [Edge-902, Edge-894]
  2. New screens have been added: Info, Setup, Wlan. [Edge-828, Edge-867, EDGE-948]
  3. New configurations include: country, DNS, time, password change, language selector. [Edge-876, Edge-877, EDGE-878, EDGE-885]
  4. Ethernet interfaces can now be configured. [Edge-868]
  5. LoopCloud activation/deactivation has been added. [Edge-879]
  6. License activation/deactivation has been added. [Edge-880]
  7. Reboot/shutdown has been added. [Edge-881]
  8. Login authentication has been added. [Edge-884]

Known Issues

  • TUI: Setting the time manually does not work even though it is present in TUI menus

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