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To obtain the LoopEdge device IP address:

Connect the Industrial PC (IPC) running LoopEdge to a network, and power-on the device. Make sure that the network is not behind a company firewall. Log in to the network settings of your organization when the device boots. Identify the device that starts with the name, LoopEdge, and retrieve the device IP address.

The LoopEdge Terminal User Interface page contains detailed information about the LoopEdge Terminal.

Log in and Reset the Password


  • You can always access LoopEdge as long as your browser is on the same network as LoopEdge, even if you do not have an Internet connection.
  • You will require Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari to access LoopEdge. The browser must be connected to the same network as LoopEdge.

To access LoopEdge, enter the IP address into a browser address/URL bar. For an example of what to type into the address bar, refer to the following URL:

Default Login Credentials:

You will see a login page as pictured in the below screenshot. Enter the default credentials:

Username: admin 

Password: loopedge

You will be prompted to reset the password to your own password after the first successful login.

Please do not forget your password. For security reasons, there is no password recovery. If you lose the administrator password, you must reinstall LoopEdge. Backup and Restore contains detailed information about restoring a LoopEdge installation.

  • Users can reset their passwords at any time. Reset User Password contains detailed information about resetting LoopEdge password.
  • LoopEdge displays an additional Provider ID field after LDAP configuration. LDAP configurations allow you to use existing company credentials for LoopEdge authentication. LDAP and AD Authentication contains detailed information about LDAP configuration settings.
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