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The File Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a standard network protocol used to transfer files between a client and server on a computer network. 

  • LoopEdge supports FTP, which allows devices to securely exchange files with the LoopEdge device. LoopEdge will be the server in this exchange and the client will be running on another device that is on the same network as the LoopEdge device.
  • FTP can be used to transfer data into a .csv file or similar formats. Likewise, it also can be used to read a file from the drive and send data to the cloud.

To configure the LoopEdge FTP service:

Add and Manage an FTP User

Add one or more users to get the usernames and passwords needed to connect to the FTP server.

To add and manage a user:

  1. In the navigation panel, select: System > FTP Server.

  2. In the Users section of the page, click the (plus) icon to define a username for the FTP server.

  3. In the Create User dialog, enter a Username and click Add User.

    • Be sure to copy the password that is displayed in the Create User dialog because, for security reasons, it will not be accessible again.
    • The password can be reset later by selecting Reset Password from the Actions list next to the username.

  4. Enabled/disable a user with the toggle switch, next to a user's name.
  5. Reset a user's password by selecting the option from the Actions list, next to a user's name.

  6. Delete a user by selecting the option from the Actions list, next to a user's name.

Start the FTP Server

  1. In the FTP Service section of the System > FTP Server page, click Start.
  2. Toggle the switch to enable the service to start automatically when LoopEdge is rebooted.

Configure the FTP Client

The FTP client must be running on a device that is on the same network as the LoopEdge device.

Use the following details to configure the FTP client, to establish a connection to the LoopEdge server.

  • Host: IP address of the LoopEdge device.
  • Username: The LoopEdge FTP username defined in the above Add and Manage an FTP User procedure.
  • Password: The password that was generated when the LoopEdge FTP user was created in the Add and Manage an FTP User procedure.
  • Port: The default LoopEdge FTP port is 21.

FTP a File to LoopEdge

In the FTP client application, enter the credentials listed in Configure the FTP Client and then transfer a file to the LoopEdge device. See also Flow to Use LoopEdge as an FTP Client.

  • The file that is transferred to the LoopEdge device is saved in a secure directory.
  • The file can be accessed using: /<filename>

Use LoopEdge as an FTP Client

If you are using LoopEdge as a client of FTP, there is no need to configure a LoopEdge FTP Server. For an example of how to use LoopEdge as an FTP client, see Flow to Use LoopEdge as an FTP Client.

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