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A Company enables data security by creating a domain-level isolation from other Companies or Business Units. Each company has its own Teams, Projects, Data collection, and Device management.

Create a Single Company

To create a Company:

  1. Immediately after you log in, click NEW in the main menu under Companies.

  2. Enter a unique Company Name and relevant Description.

  • Company names are alphanumeric, with only the underscore (_) and period (.) special characters permitted.
  • Duplicate Company names are prohibited.
  • If a Company was previously deleted, a new Company with the deleted name cannot be created.

LoopCloud automatically creates the Company domain, based on the Company name.

A company named Cool New Company will become:

The domain name displays at the top of the LoopCloud window to indicate the context for the configurations.

Find Company configurations using the navigation panel: Settings > Company. See also, Configure Company Teams.

Create Additional Companies

In a multi-tenancy environment, you can create a Company for each of your client companies. In a large corporation, a Company can be used to represent a business unit.

To create a Company:

  1. To create another Company, click the Loop icon at the top left of the window.  
  2. Click NEW and enter the Company Name and relevant Description.

  • If only one Company exists in your LoopCloud environment, the login will take you directly to that Company.
  • If multiple companies have been created, the login will take you to a menu of companies.

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